March 1, 2017


Hi my name is Chris and I’m the owner and only employee of Monobrain Games.

Monobrain Games is a video game development studio based in Stockport England.

I am a lifelong avid gamer with a creative background in Design, Web Development, Music Production and Video Production. I was previously an Operations Manager for a group of companies in the financial/legal sector. I left that job to create the studio and work on my first game Cozen Servo.

I have plans to expand the studio and look for funding through either crowdfunding or from approaching a publisher. As it is my first game I understand that people may be afraid of taking any financial risk on the games development. Therefore, I thought it important that before looking for funding I get the game in to a playable state. So currently I am hard at work in creating a playable demo that will give a vertical slice of what can be expected from the final product.

To follow the current progress of the game please head to the Dev Blog.

You can also find me on twitter If you have any questions for me you can ask them there or by emailing